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Unfortunately, nothing's new on the main website but, its still got Color. Wizard is still up to no good and Munch is making great progress in his life experiences.
We still have the Superhero Misfits, Wichacaba crosswords and wwordsearchessearches

However, if you have some extra time check out "The Store" which has a new twist to the "Calendar" this year. wichacaba calendar We've changed it a bit, ok a lot. I guess you could say if you purchase one now, you'll have it for life. We've also added some other cool stuff like "Custom Tees" It takes skill to trip over air and a patriotic "Coaster Wall" USA Proud Coaster Wall for the "Need to Represent" Season. I'm sure your thinking to yourself "What's a Coaster Wall". Its simple, they're kind of like a cool roundish... its...well, they look like...mmmm, just click here